Idle Streamer Tycoon v1.16 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

Idle Streamer is the fascinating super product you’ve been looking for for so long. This is a big game in the form of a unique simulation that tells the story of famous streamers. You will have the opportunity to become the biggest star of the streamer village, and this is the paradise you create. The most exciting thing is that the game also has the presence of additional features that make players enjoy this unique shape. Choose a great game right away for an exciting experience.


Each of us is too familiar with Streamer because in modern times like now, the appearance of enjoyable online channels will be indispensable. Have you ever intended to do a live report or introduce an issue online? Idle Streamer was born to let you try this utterly new job, and this is the paradise for you to become the most famous star on this planet.

You are a famous star, and you are still working for a company in the field of introducing the uniqueness of that company. You will be playing the role of a famous streamer and perform daily tasks expertly. Do everything you can to set yourself apart from other streamers to attract everyone to watch. Increasing interaction and creating a friendly feeling for viewers is what we need to aim for.

Idle Streamer – Tuber game. Get followers tycoonIdle Streamer – Tuber game. Get followers tycoon


The job of a streamer is just working on a computer so that it will be uncomfortable and boring. But a successful streamer increases engagement by talking to viewers and responding to their comments. Creating a user-friendly feeling is always focused on by Idle Streamer. Players should use ingenuity in their own speech and behavior to increase sympathy for viewers.

Players need to have a few more live sessions with the place you want to introduce to be able to increase the audience’s excitement for your post. The more followers and viewers you have, the more influential you will be in your life. And the special thing is that the more people follow you, the more money you will earn in doing this.

Idle Streamer – Tuber game. Get followers tycoonIdle Streamer – Tuber game. Get followers tycoonIdle Streamer – Tuber game. Get followers tycoon

BECOME A celeb

Your influence on portals is due to your own contributions. Be smart to show your love for your viewers and convey it all so they can see your own sincerity. Idle Streamer always creates your challenges, and you need to overcome them to confirm your will for this career. You need to be successful, and that success will be rewarded by the admiration and love of your followers. Do everything you can to increase interaction for your fan page so that people know more exciting information.

Idle Streamer always makes you feel interesting, and players will always receive positive contributions. Through these unique experiences, learn valuable lessons about life for yourself. Make the game your own ideal living paradise and give yourself valuable experiences. There are many interesting things waiting for you to discover and do.

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