Infinite Lagrange Mod Apk v1.1.113014

Infinite Lagrange – a sci-fi strategy game where wars of cosmic proportions will unfold before your eyes. In the near future, active exploration of the Milky Way began, and many large corporations sent their spaceships there to seize control of the transport system called the Lagrangian Network. As the commander of two frigates and a city on a remote planet, you decide to send your ships to an uncharted area of the galaxy to compete for control of the trade routes. Of course, it is difficult to resist the enemy fleet with such a small force, so you will have to develop, extracting resources in your city and increasing power, creating new ships and improving weapons.

Trade is an essential key to success and big money, equip ships and send resources on long journeys, earning and constantly upgrading the base and frigates, discover new technologies and capture territories. In deep space, it is difficult to survive without allies, you can join an existing faction or create your own, accepting other players and jointly conquering other people’s territories. Explore dangerous space, sending ships to unknown distances, because the galaxy is huge and holds a lot of interesting things. Infinite Lagrange is an opportunity to see the battle process from any angle and here is a modern 3D graphics that makes each battle very spectacular and exciting.

How to install Infinite Lagrange

The directory to unpack the cache: /sdcard/Android/obb/com.netease.lagrange/

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