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iSlash Heroes – continuation of an interesting, original mobile arcade game. An exciting puzzle game presented by Duello studio is distributed completely free of charge. But at the same time, the significant disadvantages of the game are the energy system, which takes time to fill up and the appearance of intrusive advertising banners.

Everyone who is familiar with the original, the first part of the game, will simply understand the essence, understand the mechanics of the gameplay, since the gameplay has remained unchanged. Using the flair of ninja warriors, players will hone their skills of cutting wooden planks into different sizes of blocks with sharp movements of the finger on the screen of the device. You will have to cut the boards until the fragments of the necessary parameters are obtained.

At first glance, the task is simple and clear, but you need to keep in mind that the task will be hindered by the ninja stars jumping briskly on the boards, of which there are several types. It is almost impossible to predict their chaotic movements. if you get to the star at the time of cutting the pieces of wood, you will have to pass the level again. Therefore, you should not cut the board if there is at least one wandering star on its surface. The climax of tension will be reached when a small piece of wood that needs to be trimmed to the desired size will simply teem with stars.

To complete the game, there are more than 100 levels, 4 locations, and two modes. Difficulties associated with increasing the speed of appearing stars are waiting for players after the tenth level. There are exploding stars, stars with “tails”, insidious bosses that will mess up, destroying already cut wooden fragments, creating iron edges that can not be cut with a blade. After each level, players are credited with points and credits, the amount of which depends on the skill of passing.

After level 45, a new ninja mode opens, which duplicates all the levels available in the game, but with a limited number of moves. The advantage of iSlash is the lack of time frames for completing levels. Therefore, you can safely wait for the right moment to take action. Not without magic in the game. For simplicity, in particularly difficult situations, you can use magic spells. magic shields, megalezviya, bombs to destroy unwanted stars or bosses.

iSlash Heroes, in addition to the original gameplay, received an excellent graphic design. Bright colorful colors, smooth animation, Japanese musical motifs, excellent visual effects that accompany the process of cutting the boards. The game develops dexterity, reaction, logic, will allow you to have a great time. Minus-quickly running out of energy, which significantly spoils the impression of the game process.

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