Just Survive Mod Apk v1.0

Just Survive – this is an arcade action game with runner elements, where you have to run away from all sorts of dangers. You will be chased by dozens of bloodthirsty predators, dinosaurs, you will need to dodge cars, escape from the approaching tsunami or even fall from a high waterfall. In addition, you can do all this not alone, but with a whole company of players!

At each stage, you will face an absolutely unique task, for example, you are being chased by a whole pride of lions, most likely hungry. You also need to run away from them as quickly as possible, but even if your speed is almost equal, there are many stones and rocks on your way, ready to knock you down at any time. Or try to avoid the tyrannosaurus attack while in the circular arena. He attacks in certain directions, chosen randomly, you only need to dodge his attacks.

As a rule, the last survivor wins here, from which you do not need to be faster than the pursuers themselves, but only need to be a little more cunning than your opponents. For the points you earn, you can unlock new looks for your hero, and even build your own small town. And thanks to the short matches, which usually do not exceed ten minutes, this game is perfect as a timekiller.

Features of the game:

  • Colorful low-poly graphics;
  • Dozens of unique challenges;
  • Multiple players can participate in the game;
  • The ability to customize the character.

Download Just Survive APK v1.0 Original + Mod: No Ads

Download Just Survive Mod Apk v1.0

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