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The game market is growing, with many new games are being released. Players can get different new experiences through many games. More and more games are coming out with luxurious playing styles and better graphics. But the players will no longer have the feeling of childhood when we first came to the game console. The feeling of being allowed to play games by your parents is something pleased and joyful. This is something that the current series of games on the market cannot bring to the player. Do you want to find your childhood days? Meeting the needs of users, Unbroken Software has launched the LaunchBox application. This is an application that synthesizes the old games on MS-DOS, ROMS… The app will help players to play the games that were on the Nintendo devices in the past and many others. If you want to relive your childhood days, download LaunchBox now, this will be an excellent game emulation application for you.


LaunchBox will bring many great features to help you have the best experiences.

Vast Game Warehouse

This application has a vast game store for old consoles like Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 64, Sony Nintendo … all of them have a long age. With the vast game store, you can enjoy exploring the games that have gone into the past. These games will help you relive the memories of a bygone era. When we were young, old game machines like Nintendo had so many games that we could not discover them all. Now, with this app, you can play anytime, anywhere with just a single smart-phone.

Game Combination

In addition to being an emulator for older titles, the app also has the ability to rearrange your games only through a single interface. For example, if you download a game from another source that doesn’t come from the app, the app will automatically update that game to the app’s game store for easier management.


When we were just kids, parents bought us a Nintendo. There were no smartphones at the time, so we had to play with the original console. With this application, you are allowed to connect to your TV, to play with gamepads, just like in the past.


The application is designed in 2 primary colors: white and blue, very user-friendly. These are two tones that commonly found in applications, although it’s not so prominent but straightforward to see. The app has only one single tab, which displays a list of supported gaming consoles inside the application. When users choose any game console that they like, a different interface will appear, here will show the games that have been on that series. For example, when you select the Nintendo Wii category, there will be titles available on that series, such as: “Mega Man 5”, “Resident Evil 4 (2005)”, “Super Mario Galaxy”,… And there are many other games still waiting for you to discover. Once you have selected the game you want to play, the application will automatically launch the game you have chosen. To control that game, the manufacturer has added simulator buttons right in the gaming screen. Because of the frame limitation, the buttons will be blurred to make it easier for players to observe.


Pixels are classic and full of nostalgia. The games that appear on the application are mostly old games, so they are all a bit graphically oriented Pixels. You will experience the nostalgic feeling about the games the app brings. In addition to the games with Pixels graphics, there are also games released later such as “Super Smash Bros. Brawl”,… began to appear first 3D graphics. Although it’s not as beautiful as the current 3D games, they have something very nostalgic and a breakthrough at the time. The effects in these games depend on the graphics, but they will all be very smooth regardless of any graphics configuration. The sound is kind of similar to the effects. The games included in the application are all parts of the old game machines. So they all have the same background music, sound effects as the original. With the aforementioned factors, the application promises to bring you the best experience and will revive memories that have fallen asleep inside you.

Do you want to recall your childhood memories when you first played the game? Download the “LaunchBox” app now to experience classic games on older consoles.

Download LaunchBox v0.33 MOD APK ()

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