Mad Dogs Mod Apk v1.6.7

Mad Dogs – this is a fairly simple runner with a side view, where you have to run away from a whole pack of rabid dogs, for some reason, aiming to catch up with you. Since you can’t outrun them in terms of speed, use the objects and terrain around you to your advantage to outsmart them, and stay safe and sound!

At each stage, you will find a completely unique location, where there are many items and features that will help you escape from the chase. For example, you can climb a rope to the roof of a building, where they will definitely not be able to climb, and then jump on the installed trampolines in the yard, from which it will be difficult for them to reach you. And in order to accurately break away from them, you can sit on a bicycle, and accelerate with all your strength.

You will need to show considerable ingenuity, and learn how to act quickly in the event of danger, from which you will even develop attentiveness and reaction. Try to carefully monitor your surroundings, as at any moment a dog may jump out, or you will stumble upon an object that is useful to you. Despite the low-poly graphics, the gameplay here is very dynamic and exciting!

Game features:

  • large number of different levels;
  • Simple operation, with two touches;
  • Lots of auxiliary items;
  • Colorful and quite simple graphics.

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