MergeFriends Mod Apk v0.18.1

MergeFriends – this is a colorful arcane puzzle game in which you can combine various items to later get new, useful things for you. Along the way, you will have to restore a once beautiful plot and a small shop where you are going to sell everything you need for your home!

The gameplay here is quite simple, from the very beginning of the game you will get acquainted with the main character and learn a little background. Then, in front of you will be a fairly large playing field, on which there is a wide variety of items. Try to take two sponges, for example, and you will see how you will end up with rubber gloves that you can use to clean up the garbage in front of the store. Or try to connect two hand rakes, after which you will have a needle and thread to sew new curtains on the windows.

First of all, the identity of the colors of the milestones of things can serve as a hint to you, as a rule, they can be combined. Thus, you need to create more and more complex items, and gradually restore your store, so that your first customers come there. In addition, there you can meet interesting characters, and relax a little, thanks to a simple and soothing process.

Features of the game:

  • Nice and colorful graphics;
  • The ability to restore an entire small town;
  • Relaxing gameplay;
  • Lots of interesting characters with their own stories.

Download MergeFriends APK v0.18.1 Original + Mod: Much money

Download MergeFriends Mod Apk v0.18.1

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