My Talking Kitty Cat Mod Apk v2.8

My Talking Kitty Cat – this is a kind and casual game in which you can get yourself a cute pet. You will have to take care of a cute cat, feed, wash, dress and even play with her in various arcade games, in return she will be very grateful and will even be able to talk to you. This application will definitely lift your mood and allow you to make a loyal friend!

The mechanics of the game are very simple, from the very beginning you will still have a kitten on the screen that already wants to eat. Go to the store and buy goodies there, in the form of fish, pastries, vegetables, fruits and various dishes. Then, take him to the bathroom and wash him thoroughly, first soaping with a washcloth and washing everything off with water. As soon as he gets tired, take him to the crib, turn off the light and wait until he sleeps.

If the money becomes less and less, go through exciting mini-games, for which you will receive coins and valuable rewards as a reward. Gradually, level by level, your kitten will grow, and will be able to grow to an adult cat. Also, it is possible to buy clothes and accessories and radically change the style of your pet!

Features of the game:

  • Lots of built-in arcade games;
  • The ability to change the appearance of your pet;
  • The cat can repeat phrases after you;
  • Colorful three-dimensional graphics.

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