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Players will experience completely impressive and accessible basketball gameplay in NBA JAM. The number of characters in the match has been reduced, but you will not ignore the licensed athletes in this game. At the same time, during the game, you will experience many different challenges through the respective game modes. Each mode has its unique characteristics, and impressive rewards are waiting for you to unlock.


Players will be able to participate in matches within the framework of the NBA, where you will meet many athletes in the NBA JAM. You will spend time completing the match and scoring as many goals as possible against the opponent. In addition, the control method of this game is straightforward; you can easily access it. But it also requires players to take the time to understand the coordination of these buttons to score correctly.

A unique feature in this game is that you will not control too many characters, similar to games on other platforms. In other words, you focus on only two athletes on the field and try to overcome the two opponents that appear in front of you. From there, you can easily control and conveniently move in the game’s environment. It is also perfectly suitable for those who experience it for the first time because they do not need to pay too much attention to controlling other characters.


One feature that players will need to recognize is that you only control two characters will bring many benefits and specific difficulties that you need to consider. You will be convenient in moving towards the opponent’s basket and correctly scoring if you have mastered these skills. But the problem is that blocking the opponent’s progress is also a must because if you are not careful, each ball change will be a point for them.

Players will experience a tutorial level where you will learn how to combine to create impressive combos to score and prevent other players from scoring. That gives them exciting experiences where they can’t take their eyes off the screen and try to show off their impressive skills. So, during the game, you will participate in many different types of matches to challenge yourself.


In NBA JAM, players can experience different modes that are Play Now, Campaign, and Multiplayer. For the first mode, players will participate in various matches and face many types of AI to increase their abilities. The same gameplay also appears in Campaign mode, but there are some adjustments when playing as a genuine athlete. At the same time, it is your responsibility to pass different tournaments and unlock legendary athletes.

For Multiplayer, there will be two main ways of playing divided by connection: Local and Online. For Local, you will use a shared network that is Wifi or Bluetooth to find your friends, and the two can join the match right after. You will also find other players to challenge, and of course, you will not know how skilled players will appear before your eyes. Athletes inspired by real-life will have a mode that is Big Head.

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