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Are you a big fan of choking FPS shooters? Do you love gunfire with fierce battles in the fierce battlefield? Pick up your gun and fight, or do you accept being the one to fall? If you are not the last survivor, you are the loser. On the battlefield, only the shooter and the gunshot, the rules are simple but have caused a fever in the hearts for so many generations, so it is impossible not to mention games like Counter-Strike, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty,… Today with the technology growing, the FPS game market on mobile is extremely popular and popular no less popular games available on PC platforms, Playstation or Xbox,…Overkill 3 is famous for its realistic action scenes and constant battles in the fantasy battlefields of the future. Developed by Craneballs, Overkill 3 has reached 5 million downloads on Google Play and became one of the “top” games on mobile when someone mentions FPS shooter.

Spectacular 3D shooter

You will play the resistance force brought to a battlefield full of guns and dark to fight the loyal warriors of Faction. People are gradually losing their spirit and fear. They always bully and force people to submit to military force along with state-of-the-art technology and they will never stop if nobody picks up their guns and struggles. Regaining freedom is not easy, if you do not hold a gun, no one can do it. Once a graphics production studio, Craneballs took full advantage of its ability to create an Overkill 3 with the best and most realistic 3D graphics that can run smoothly on mobile platforms. The transition effects, as well as the hiding movements, shooting movements of the characters, shown in detail and subtlety, each bullet fired will leave traces on the flight path giving players the moments. Extremely stressful and choking. Not only that, the most attractive point in the series of games that the game Craneballs gives players is the attention and care of the image that creates the authenticity on each line of the gun. In Overkill 3 you will find there is no limit to creativity when you are able to customize the skin yourself or stick stickers on your favorite guns.


Sound in the game is also invested by this game company carefully. From the sound of each type of gun to the voices and dialogs of the characters in the game. This has been noted by us and many other forums around the world. If you need an FPS game with realism and high detail, “Overkill 3” is a game that you should have in your phone.


What about the gameplay? The game will give you the basic function keys such as move, shoot, change bullets, aim. In addition, right on the right of the screen, there are additional support options from the air (helicopters with machine guns; missiles) and 2 support buttons (increased health; armor). Although designed as a continuous shooter, the game is somewhat limited on the move, meaning you can only take advantage of it while hiding behind obstacles. But not so that this game will make you bored because of the low mobility, meaning you will still fight to destroy the enemy base, then move to other areas instead for you. Of course, this can only satisfy a part of the player who does not want to have too much trouble in moving and just wants to enjoy the feeling of guns.

Besides, adjusting the parameters of the gun via the available option options is also a plus point. From mounting the sight, mounting the handle, changing the stock, mounting the silencer,… all details are very realistic through the hands of the game publisher. In addition, with multiplayer mode, you do not need to worry about whether to skip the game or after all the offline tasks. Every month, the game company will organize events and tournaments to attract players as well as build a reward system so that gamers can hone their skills and interact with players from all over the world. Many people have tried Overkill 3 and the switch because of its attractiveness, what about you? Download now Overkill 3 to be immersed in the fierce battle to find justice again!

MOD Info?

  • You can buy whatever you want for free, your money or medals will never decrease

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