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Currently, the game has eye-catching 3D graphics is gradually becoming familiar with the player and gradually occupying the world game market. Perhaps, many of us still remember the excitement of the first time playing 2D games featuring 8-bit or 16-bit graphics by Nintendo, on the legendary PS4. While 3D games are trending, games with 8/16 bit graphics are unique indigents that make many gamers curious.

Every year, in the game market, appears one, to two games have this kind of graphics. We have PAPERS, PLEASE (2013), ROGUE LEGACY (2013), MERCENARY KINGS (2014), SUPER MEAT BOY (2010), HOTLINE MIAMI (2012), FEZ (2012), TERRARIA (2011) … However, in the last few years, 8/16 bit graphics games have been dwindling by competition and indifference from users. Recently, the publisher of HAL Laboratory from Japan released the Part Time UFO, a 16bit graphics game, which is catching the attention of many gamers around the world. It is a good sign for this game genre.

When playing Part Time UFO, you will see the graphics of the game style similar to the games of Nintendo. It is quite understandable because HAL Laboratory and Nintendo have a long history of cooperation from the beginning. HAL Laboratory, Inc. is a game publisher from Japan. The company was founded on February 21, 1980, and has over 35 years of development. Gamers who love games like Kirby, Mother or Super Smash Bros. series is no stranger to the HAL Laboratory. Up to now, HAL Laboratory has released hundreds of quality games on various platforms.

Super cute 16bit graphics

The graphics of the UFO Part Time was so cute and sweet. 16-bit 2D graphics, which were once popular, giving UFOs a unique look. In the midst of 3D games, the graphics of this game like a new indigent in a dish. The game’s bright colours, the design and shape of the characters and the details of the environment in the game are carefully invested. Part Time UFO was so eye-catching, so cute. It can melt your heart. I had to cry “AWWWWWWWW !!!” at the first time playing the Part Time UFO. It is as lovely as Neko Atsume and Tabi Takeru!

Sound Effects: Awesome

As the visual effects, the sound effects in Part Time UFO are also quality, cute and nostalgic. When you play the game, you will remember the time Mario guy made the world go crazy. The funny, dynamic and exciting Part-time UFO with an excellent graphic that brings us beautiful and nostalgic game hours.

Gameplay: simple and….cute.

If there is a word to describe “Part Time UFO” then surely it will be SUPER CUTE!. It is a cute game from graphics, sound to gameplay. Have you ever played picking toys? Remember the number of times you hit and get rewards from square boxes filled with teddy bears and dolls? For over 20 years, I have lost a lot of money and still have not got anything for myself. So sad. But thanks to Part Time UFO, I had the opportunity to “take revenge” in the palm. Part Time UFO production team was brilliant when choosing very casual and familiar gameplay for a lovely game like this. The game is a more attractive and less annoying version of its original gameplay in real life. You will control a cute UFO to pick up anything. With a pickup method equipped with the spaceship, you will have to manage your UFO to pick up items to the assigned locations, build buildings, and sometimes catch fish. What will you pick up in Part Time UFO? The answer is everything. There will be surprises. Trust me

Note: Each mission will have limited time. The faster players complete the task, the more the bonus will be. And vice versa. So you need to pay attention to the speed when playing Part Time UFO.

Take a look at some of the features in the game.

Let’s take a look at some of the features in Part Time UFO:

  • Become a UFO equipped with unique outfits. Make lots of money by doing the assigned tasks. And use the money to buy fancy clothes, give your UFO a new look and new capabilities. This game is my favourite part of playing UFO Part Time.
  • Meet many interesting people during work. The World of UFOs is colourful and full of fun with many exciting game characters.
  • Share pictures with friends. Yep, a beautiful UFO must be loved by more than one person. The game allows players to share beautiful moments of UFOs when completing their missions. “Hey there, my UFO baby just built a huge pyramid!”

In a UFO’s spaceship.

Part Time UFO = KAWAII!

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