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Today has a lot of games are released and one of them is raging the best game rankings that are experienced by many players. The game has many topics but in fact, we all want to play the shooting games, farms, … The shooter has now evolved to a new level and has more features to be expanded, upgraded higher. Many publishers have tried to create shooting games with interesting themes or different ways of playing than other games. If you are wondering what type of shooter to choose, try the PAYDAY: Crime War experience from the publisher “Developer: OVERKILL Software”. We guarantee that you will never be disappointed with this youthful, dynamic version.

4v4 Multiplayer Shooter!

Entering the world full of gunpowder smell called “PAYDAY: Crime War”, players will be free to choose characters on the bad side or good side. If the player prefers police characters, you will have to learn how to investigate, sharp thinking and how to track thieves to stop them. If you just love adventure, then choose to be a bandit who sabotages and defeats the country, you will try to find a way to escape because the police are tracing the thieves. Players download applications to smartphones and observe on the interface, the game will provide you with a very responsive action control frame for the touch screen. Players who want to go to any land or place just need to manipulate on the virtual controller on the left of the screen, which is very convenient to create a victory. When you meet an opponent, you will shoot at the right device, which is the controller for shooting.


You can also reset weapons or launch grenades. Regarding the gun, there will be many types with different accuracy and counter-attack. However, players must unlock expensive guns or special guns that no one owns. For these cases, we must pass higher levels and then, when winning all those levels, the system will automatically give the winner of the coins or diamonds to unlock the special guns. With the design for smartphones, characters will respond faster to strange phenomena such as raid or snooping. Characters will be free to move around in the game and find safe hiding places for their lives. As for the costume, the game will provide a lot of suits suitable for the selected character. The game also has secrets hidden behind the truth, set up an investigation team to find out the truth and collect thousands of different rewards such as boosts, accessories or masks. A plus point for the game is the variety of character options like the PC version and console. There is a lot of new plot content unlocked for this shooter lover.


The game has beautiful graphics, visual effects are also very clear, making the player feel like he is experiencing really. The game has a real-time mode so it makes the character come alive than ever. Game “PAYDAY: Crime War” is a first-person shooter game where you are free to do what you like without fear of boredom. The game is always updated with new modern features to serve the hours to relax the player’s body.

In this virtual world, things, nature, plants and even sunshine are very realistic that you have the feeling that you are exploring in reality. The character will be responsible for rescuing the brothers of the same team to win and kill all those who are evil plots. In it, you can hide in a truck, warehouse or cabin. There are times when your residence will be discovered so change your actions often and not let anyone know your loophole. The game has both outdoor and indoor play modes, each location gives players different emotions.


The bandits are sneaking into the administration building to take away valuable assets, if you are a job-loving policeman, go ahead with your beliefs, hopes, and talents to fight the bad guys, win it is just pure. And if you’re a bandit, don’t give your name to the cops. Scary masks will aid the player by hiding the bad guy’s confidential information. You are passionate about sniper action movies, you are a fan of the character John Wick and want to be trained to become someone like him. Come to the world of “PAYDAY: Crime War” and experience choking shooting and competing for the world champion.

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