Police Car Game Simulation 2021 Mod Apk v1.1

Police Car Game Simulation 2021 – this is an exciting simulator where you can play the role of a police officer and patrol the streets in your car or even a helicopter. Keep order on the street, detain violators, check their documents and arrest them if necessary, there is enough work for a long time!

Initially, you will have one car model at your disposal, on which you can catch car wreckers in the “Chase” mode, or go to the open city, just explore the locations and observe the tranquility on the streets in the “Free Ride” mode. As you play, you will discover new, more powerful car models, and you can even fly a helicopter. Also, it is possible to customize the appearance of all your vehicles.

The control of the car in the game is quite standard, there are two arrows for turns, the gas pedal, the brakes and the gear shift button. As an addition, there are buttons to turn on the siren, flashing lights, and to stop the intruder. After you have detained someone, you will have to decide whether to ask for their documents, arrest them, or just let them go, it is up to you.

Features of the simulator:

  • Detailed three-dimensional graphics;
  • Extensive open location;
  • Multiple game modes;
  • The ability to buy and customize cars;
  • Classic controls.

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