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The description of QuizzClub App

QuizzClub is a unique trivia app with the best general knowledge questions to train your brain, increase your IQ and boost your logic and memory.Every question on QuizzClub goes with an educational explanation, so you always learn something new. You enhance your general knowledge even when your answer is wrong!This app is great both for kids and for seniors. No matter what country you are from and what your hobby is – just try QuizzClub. We bet you’ll lose track of time!THIS APP IS FOR YOU IF YOU WANT TO…– gain new knowledge every day- test your intelligence- outsmart others- learn in an easy wayGAME DIFFICULTYThe difficulty depends on your progress: you begin with the easiest topics and proceed to the hard ones as you play more. Sometimes we will send you questions of random difficulty – just to make it more educational and challenging.10 MILLION PLAYERSQuizzClub is a 10 million community of trivia fans who like to challenge their brains and boost general knowledge online.It’s not only a trivia app. It’s a friendly place where thousands of devoted users discuss exciting topics and learn new things from each other every day.THOUSANDS OF QUESTIONSEvery day QuizzClub users upload new content to share their knowledge with you absolutely for free. Thousands of fun facts about the most astonishing things in the world are waiting for you!DIFFERENT CATEGORIESOn QuizzClub, there are thousands of questions across all the main categories:- history- literature- science- geography- popular culture- artThink you are especially good at any of these topics? You can earn the Expert title on QuizzClub! Prove your knowledge to get a certificate and become a very special member of our society.All the information in our typical quiz is picked carefully and checked for factual mistakes by the community of elite reviewers.FEW ADSAlready got used to annoying ads interrupting your trivia game? Our quiz is not like that!Most of our ads are shown only when your answer is wrong – and we believe that’s fair.INCREASE YOUR BRAINPOWER!Our game offers you a lot of opportunities to increase your brainpower. Answer all kinds of questions and keep your mind sharp!This app was created for the fans of QuizzClub website. Now your favorite intellectual quiz game is available in a convenient mobile version. Learn new facts and increase your intelligence everywhere!PLAY IT NOW!


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