Root Kindle Fire HDX 7 – How To Root Guide

Root Kindle Fire HDX 7

No matter what type of device you own, as long as it is running Android OS, the rooting method for that device will be out and you’ll root that device, whether the device is local or international. Even the Pakistan Company QMobile devices rooting method was available, then a device like Kindle fire is something else, for the least, it is known to the world. Rooting allows your device to let you take full control over it, you can mess with the underhood settings, and even flash custom Mods and Tweaks on it, furthermore, there are a lot of apps that do a lot of good things including Wi-Fi kill that allows you to kill the Wi-Fi network you are connected to and thus every other device will be disconnected and only you’ll be running on that Wi-Fi.

Kindle Fire HDX 7 was released in September 2013, with some very decent specs like 2GB of RAM, 16/32GB of Storage, 7.0-inches in size with 1200p resolution, Qualcomm Krait 400 Quad-Core 2.2GHz processor, running Android 4.x most probably what they meant was Jelly Bean, however, since most of the modern devices run Custom ROMs more than the official ones, so probably after rooting and installing the Custom Recovery, this device will be updated to Android latest version. In this article, we will show you How to Root Kindle Fire HDX 7, using a specific Toolkit made for this device only, without further ado, let’s continue.


Preparations to root Root Kindle Fire HDX 7:

No.1: Make Sure to Confirm the Device Model Twice!

  1. Go To Settings.
  2. Navigate to About.
  3. Now Look at the Model number of Device to Confirm.
  4. If it matches the one we have given, the proceed ahead.

No.2 : Download the Necessary USB Drivers!

In order to establish the Contact between Two devices, you need Drivers to be installed on your PC. Download and Install Proper USB Drivers to connect your device successfully with PC

No.3: Make Sure to Use Original Data Cable!

3rd Party Data cables might work, but they won’t be able to provide the exact thing you want. Most of the times users complained that they are having issues to Copy data or Flashing Images on their device, the problem turns out to be the 3rd Party Data Cable, so if you don’t want to face any problem at all, use the Original OEM cable.

No.4 : Back-Up all the Necessary Data!

In case of any Mishap, this step is quite a lifesaver, so always back-up your data before installing a Custom ROM.

  • Back-Up Your Important Messages: Link
  • Make a Titanium Back-Up of all your Apps: Link
  • Back-Up All Your Contacts: Link


Whatever you are doing, you are doing it on your own risk, we will not held responsible for a Brick device or any sort of bugs or problems you’ll face after flashing this software

Downloads Required to Root Kindle Fire HDX 7:

KFHDX ToolKit v0.95: Link

Firmware Link (It won’t work on any other Firmware)

How to Root Kindle Fire HDX 7 :

  1. After updating your device to Firmware, proceed below, or Follow the link to Update it: Link
  2. Open the toolkit.
  3. Run the KFHDX.
  4. Choose Option number 4, Let Him Install it.
  5. Now Choose option number 1, towelroot your phone now.
  6. Let the process be over.
  7. Now Check any Root checking app to verify.
  8. No Go back in the KFHDX, and disable the OTA update via Option 6.
  9. Now in your device update the Super SU app with normal mode.
  10. Enjoy!
  11. Now wait as we posted the Safestrap recovery and Firmware tutorial


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