Sony Xperia Flashtool v9.25.0 Update, Download All Versions

Sony Flashtool

Not all the times installing an Official firmware is an easy job because not all the OEMs offers flash tools to flash the firmware without manually doing everything. Samsung offers Odin mode and Odin flash tool to manually flash official firmware, on the other hand, LG, HTC and all of the Nexus devices demand coding to flash official images on them, then there is Sony, who offers two types of Flash tools, number one is like a PC suite, which will do a lot of things for you but still can’t flash official firmware manually. Then we have a Sony Flashtool, whose job is only to flash the ftf files, on Sony Xperia Devices.

The recent update of Sony Xperia Flashtool v9.25.0  is now available to download and install, there aren’t many changes done in it, except for one. You can now download the Official firmware using this tool and also creates .ftf files, so you can Flash them using the same flash tool.


Whatever you are doing, you are doing it on your own risk, we will not held responsible for a Brick device or any sort of bugs or problems you’ll face after flashing this software


Download And Install Sony Xperia Flashtool:

  1. Once you have download and install the Flashtool, you’ll see a lot of folders inside Flashtool folders.
  2. Our concern here is Firmwares, so you need to place the .ftf files in the firmware folder.
  3. This tool also contains drivers for all the Xperia Devices, in case if you have any problems connecting your device.
  4. From the Flashtool, first, install the Flashmode and Fastboot drivers.
  5. After placing the .ftf file in the firmware folder, open the Flash tool.
  6. You’ll see a lightning button on the top, On the pop-up choose Flashmode, cause we want to flash a firmware here.
  7. Select the Firmware file and from the Wipe section, choose what you want to wipe, recommended is that you must choose all of them.
  8. Don’t mess with the Exclude window, just let it be.
  9. Once you hit the Flash button, it will start showing you the logs and prepare the .ftf file to be loaded in the tool.
  10. Once the file is loaded, you’ll be prompted to Connect your device with PC, while holding the Flash button ( Back in old devices and Volume Down in new devices)
  11. After a successful connection, the flashing will start, sit back and relax and watch how everything is done for you.

Download Firmwares and Create .ftf files using Sony Xperia Flashtool:

  1. Open Flashtool.
  2. Navigate to Check devices.
  3. Click Check Updates.
  4. Choose a device and you’ll see a Table of CDF.
  5. Double Click on one of them, it will check the release.
  6. Double click once again and FT will Download, Decrypt and create the .ftf of files downloaded from Sony Serves.


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