Spellmind – Magic Match Mod Apk v1.9.0

Spellmind – Magic Match – cute and full of interesting features of the puzzle “three in a row” in which the main character will be a young sorceress. She is sent by a specialist dash teacher to one of the remote departments of the main school to train magicians. And when she arrives at the place, it becomes clear that the once majestic building has fallen into disrepair and has almost no students. It is necessary to carry out repairs, to furnish everything with taste, as well as to launch a full-fledged educational process. There are a lot of things to do, so the comprehensive help from gamers will come in handy after all.

We are sent to an ancient school of magic and sorcery, where you need not just to learn something new, but also to help in the restoration of destroyed buildings, cleaning of territories and performing other tasks. The game will delight you with high-quality cartoon graphics, a huge set of levels and simple controls.

In front of us will be a log of tasks, where the main goals necessary for the implementation are marked. For example, to clean the territory in front of the school, change the furniture or patch the holes in the walls. All this requires stars, and you can only get them for completing the levels. The levels themselves are built in the usual way, you will have to swap the neighboring elements and collect them in rows of three pieces or more, getting the coveted points for this. As soon as the task is completed, you will receive an asterisk and will be able to start the main quest.

You will not see any innovations in terms of gameplay, the puzzle is quite standard, and only the graphics will be able to please you, made just admirably. Solve puzzles, complete quests and do everything to complete the restoration of the magic school in time.

Download Spellmind – Magic Match APK v1.9.0 Original + Mod: Unlimited Coins/Crystals

Download Spellmind – Magic Match Mod Apk v1.9.0

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