Stickman Revenge v1.0.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Gems)

Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer is an action game genre with a completely new fighting style, where players will be transformed into ninja with invincible skills. Use a variety of skills to fight the mighty army of monsters. Experience an exhilarating feeling when using slashes, darts,… destroy all monsters.

Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer


Your task in this game is to act as a Stickman to take revenge. Using the melee skills that the game provides and fighting, you will face hundreds and thousands of enemies at each level. The strength and appearance of the monsters are constantly changing and increasing, and they can change from one shape to another to distract the player.

These monsters can combine to create a whole new form. But don’t worry too much when you always have a companion who is a giant pet. They will help you increase bonuses and collect many new items. Players must be cautious because when your character is killed, the player has to start from the beginning, taking you more time.

Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer


The unique effects of each skill will be displayed on the screen in a brilliant way, which has brought players to extremely eye-catching battles. Players must use the control keys flexibly to destroy enemies faster. Battles always require players to quickly observe all the movements around, make strategies, and decide to withdraw in time to avoid heavy losses.

Stickman Revenge: Demon Slayer


You will be unlocking power after each level, collecting weapons and various items to upgrade your character and fight easier. At Stickman Revenge, players will experience an offline adventure without unwanted transmission problems like other online games.

Unique game graphics bring epic combat with skill effects and dark backgrounds combined with Ninja style. Many diverse characters such as Samurai, Archer, Mage, … help players diversify in fighting styles. Unlock characters to change their appearance entirely with new skills to avoid boredom when playing.

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