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The description of STUM App

We present to you a new rhythm game that you can enjoy with users from all over the world.STUM is a rhythm game that is played by tapping the screen at the correct rhythm.You can play alone or compete with other online players in real-time matches.With high-quality music of various genres and stunning visuals, STUM will provide players with the best rhythm experience.▶ Two Thumbs Are All You Need- Simple interface and gameplay- Stylish notes optimized for maximized hit feel- Various note patterns for everyone to enjoy; from beginners to rhythm game maniacs- More than 50 music of various genres (Music will be added consistently)▶ Real-Time Online Matches- Battle with players worldwide through the real-time matching system- It’s not a pretended online match. A new type of fight mode where players can attack, interrupt, and defend against each other- Exciting real-time battles where you can use various stones with flashy graphic effects▶ The Fun of Competing- Take on the challenge for the pride of yourself and your country- A real-time ranking system where you can compare records with players worldwide- Battle rankings and national rankings through online battles▶ A New Rhythm Game Where You Can Attack and Interrupt Your Opponents- Offensive stones that come with flashy effects like meteors, blizzard, lightning, and also various attributes- Interruptive stones with various effects such as dazzling your opponents’ eyes or shaking their screen- Defensive stones to refill your HP and defend against attacks- Create your unique stones with 14 main skills and 14 supportive attributes▶ Various Contents with No Room for Boredom- Diverse daily rewards just for logging in- Campaign Mode where you can meet all the music in advance for free- A space where master players will be distinguished through individual score records. Single Mode where you will feel like you are playing with a high ranker.- Battle Mode where you will compete with players worldwide through a real-time matching system- Mission Mode that consists of over 90 various playable stages- Replay Mode where you can watch the gameplays of high-ranking players- Festival Events where various forms of the main contests and all kinds of rewards will be provided regularly★★ Recommended Specifications ★★- Headphones are recommended for the best experience.- Gameplay will be smoother if you download all the music in advance.(Game Options > Settings > Music Data Download)- Play with minimized sound sync error for the best hit feel (For Android only : Game Options > Settings > Sound Sync)Official Website :ⓒ DOTSOFT Inc. All rights reserved.


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