Superhero v2.9.5 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Superhero is a free game for people over 18 years old. Because action elements and dramatic scenes of violence will appear throughout the game, use the ultimate and most potent combat weapon to defeat the mafia boss, and don’t forget to skip every corner of the city to receive super attractive and valuable loot.



Every war will have a quest for peace and justice, so will yours. However, this will be your own journey – a strong, undefeated superhero. At each level, your task is to track down the thugs and mafia bosses who are occupying the city and give them a lesson. You have to learn to use tons of different fighting moves very well: hit, punch, high kick, crouch, dodge, hover, super landing, or even Super Kick. These are moves that require the dexterity, agility, and precision of a super-soldier’s body. In addition, a series of combat guns in weapons are also waiting for you to conquer.


The map feature has been improved and upgraded. Warriors can easily observe and find their way in the city. The map is minimized right on the left corner of the screen, so you don’t miss every street in the city. Gypsies and villains will not be allowed to run away from your sight. In addition, you can still take advantage of the SUVs that appear on the sidewalk as a tool to move and attack. Or, if you still don’t like the car, you can still receive a coin equivalent to the car’s value and continue your journey in the air.



It will no longer be too strange in fighting and action games with powerful fighting styles. Attack continuously, and do not forget to avoid the thugs’ blows skillfully. That’s the way to fight, but when necessary, you should still avoid compressing ammunition to preserve strength and save energy for the next battle. Freezing the evil in the blink of an eye is a great way to inactivate the opponent with a frozen iceberg. Will the villains have a chance to turn around and attack you back? Impossible because this is the most advanced and invincible move. The state-of-the-art gun arsenal is always stored in the vault. Use the money you earn in each match to exchange for these valuable and useful items.


Are you fed up with gangsters and heroes of justice? Then the role of the dictator is for you. You still have the right to use all skills and guns to loot and attack the people in the neighborhood. You are completely allowed to do this by sweeping all the wealth, smashing, and causing chaos in the neighborhood. It all depends on your choice. Complete every assigned mission and upgrade your power and arsenal. Eliminate more than 100 enemies and collect 20,000 huge coins, steal all the traffic on the city, steal fighter planes and armored tanks, stone statues, iron hammers. Do your best to get as many crystals and coins as you can.



The Item Shop is stocked with a variety of powerful weapons and steeds. Dress your hero in the best quality armor for the most favorable battle. Buy more combat characteristics such as: upgrade physical strength, restore health, bulletproof, withstand explosions, speed up, skilled driving skills. Depending on the different rounds, there will be appropriate skills. Combat helicopters, military planes, armored tanks, and countless street-robbed supercars are waiting for you. Attack solid buildings, suddenly land to chase opponents, prevent ammunition in solid tanks. The most important thing is that you must know how to use your imagination to discover many new applications.


Superheroes must also carefully search every landfill; maybe you will find valuable resources here: first aid kits, guns, supercars, ink cartridges … There will be a daily draw, so don’t miss these prices! “Super landing” and innovative maps will make it easy to find this strategically important location. Swing in the air to see the whole city.



  • SuperHero is an adventure hero game that hunts down evil fights to the end to protect people and wealth.
  • The miniature map is your compass, pointing the way and guiding the way for items.
  • Super Kick, Super landing, Super swing, or freezing the enemy are waiting for you to discover.
  • Play as the villain to fully exploit the power and weapons.
  • Shop with a variety of loot to make your battle dramatic and engaging.
  • Everywhere is a treasure trove of resources, so search carefully and carefully.

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