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The description of Teen Patti App

About usTeen patti is a prominent online multiplayer card game that you can play with friends for fun. Earn a daily bonus by playing the teen patti poker, connect with your friends around the world and play the 3 patti card game with ease and enthusiasm. Developed by the Artoon games, teenpatti encompasses the best user interaction to the umpteen number of features in the application. 3patti is intriguing and challenging when you understand the tricks and techniques of the game. You can earn reward chips for every win, purchase additional chips from the store, earn chips by saluting top VIPs and try to get featured on the global leaderboard. Play the most popular teenpatti casino game in your preferred languages.In-app contents:The 3patti card game comes with innumerable app content that makes the players fall in love with the app.Collect lobby bonus rewards and additional chips by watching ads.Open flash – The fastest 3patti variationPlay in the no-limit table to bet as much as you canYou can create a 7 player game table and invite friends to play in private.Play with Hukum/joker to make a teenpatti sequence suitPlay variations by selecting one out of the 7 sequences from the 3 patti lot.Play mini-games within the appHow to play:Download the teen patti app from the google play storeInvite friends and play private or play soloTwo types of playing modes: 1. Blind 2. SeenBlind mode: Players are not allowed to look at the 3patti sequence while bettingSeen mode: Players can look at their 3patti sequence. Can switch from blind mode to seen mode(Chaal) anytime and not vice versa.Turns happen in the clockwise direction and the highest sequence set wins the round.The game ends by 1. leaving a single player getting rewarded the whole bet sum or 2. A final faceoff between two players.Game rules:When playing in the seen mode, players should bet x2 of blind mode.Ace is ranked the highest and 2 is ranked the lowest irrespective of the suit.Table help: This is the types of teen patti sequences1. Trail or Set: Three cards of the same rank2. Pure sequence: Sequence of the same suit3. Sequence: sequence of a different suit4. Color: cards of the same color5. Pair: two cards of the same rank6. High card: Highest ranking card that doesn’t belong to the above types.Perks:♠ Initial Chips: Download Hello Teen Patti & get up to 2,50,000 FREE CHIPS!♠ Daily Rewards: Get up to 2,00,000 FREE BONUS CHIPS daily!♠ Lucky Draw: Win up to 10 CRORE FREE CHIPS every day!♠ Weekly Winner Chips: Get up to 10 CRORE FREE CHIPS every week!Features:– Request slideshow to the co-players- Set boot price and Chaal limit while playing- Chat while playing the teen patti poker game- Leads to teen patti lobby when you don’t take action two times- Claim daily reward bonus- Select the number of players- block/report 3patti players- Get global teenpatti player recognition – Make private sequence comparisons with players nearby.- Control game music, sounds, notifications- Set up teenpatti user profiles- Add 3patti buddies and invite them easily through a click. And more!The teen patti game has no real cash value. 3 patti doesn’t involve any real gambling. If you lose your chips, you can buy more chips. This game is intended for adults & doesn’t offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money/prizes. Any kind of gain in online teenpatti is not indicative of future success at real money gambling.


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