The Burgle Cats Mod Apk v1.6.8

The Burgle Cats – the usual funny design project is about fighting cats who decided to shift the emphasis and engage in another front of work. Namely, by covert penetration and removal of various valuable items from well-guarded locations. At the same time, it is necessary to observe invisibility so that the security and protective mechanisms do not start catching an uninvited guest ahead of time. Well, after that, you should carefully protect what has accumulated in the bins. Since at any moment a team of competitors can descend and try to overcome the maze stuffed with traps to leave players with empty chests. Fun, dynamic and with complete unpredictability of further events.

Infiltrate the enemy mansion by controlling furry robbers and steal well-guarded treasures. Here you send cat thieves to rob, slowly move through the many rooms of a large building and find a chest with valuable things, but you still need to avoid traps and guard dogs, and also cope with the task before the time on the timer runs out. After the furry robbers have taken out the valuables, open the boxes that contain special equipment for the mustachioed robbers, wearing which you will be able to better evade traps in the houses and bring even more loot, becoming an elusive team of five furry thieves. Don’t forget to protect your own home from other players ‘ robbers by filling it with deadly traps and creating an impassable quest so that your treasures are safe and no one can get them. Create a whole team of elusive, furry heroes who take out valuables from wealthy opponents, without triggering traps and without falling into the traps that are everywhere placed on the way to the safe. Let your cats bring a lot of treasures in their paws, without being noticed.

Download The Burgle Cats APK v1.6.8 Mod: Money

Download The Burgle Cats Mod Apk v1.6.8

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