The Dark Pursuer v1.89 MOD APK (Full Version Unlocked/Menu)

The Dark Pursuer is a horror game with many unexpected situations that scare players, so perhaps this game is not for the faint of heart. Players must find a way out of the dark building to survive because the walls in that house can collapse at any time. If you are a person who likes scary games like this and wants to find new adventures, this is an exciting game that you should not miss.

The Dark Pursuer


In the old version, there was often a disconnection problem in multiplayer mode that made them angry and frustrated. That interruption could make it impossible for players to escape the dark house. Therefore, the manufacturers have fixed the connection loss in multiplayer mode in this new version and help players have a perfect experience. This new feature will be a feature that attracts more players in the future.


In The Dark Pursuer, you will be locked alone in a dark and hazardous abandoned house. You have to find a way out of that house and run through many deserted corridors that scare you. Even many unexpected situations will happen; for example, a monster will appear and catch you. Therefore, you need to have a strategy or find a smart way to avoid dangerous situations. Flashlight and key are two essential items that you need to find because they will help your friend find the way out.

The Dark Pursuer


Control buttons are available on the screen for the player to press and move the character. You will be given clear instructions on the controls in The Dark Pursuer. To move forward or backward,d you need to use the controls on the left side of the screen and rotate the camera using the options button on the right. Using this controller image is very simple, so you will get used to them quickly and start your adventure.

The Dark Pursuer


As mentioned above, the multiplayer mode in The Dark Pursuer has been fixed for a better player experience. To play in multiplayer mode with your friends or family, you just need to create a name for the match, and your friends will connect with you with the name of the match wherever you are. However, to play in multiplayer, one of the players must have the entire game in the in-app purchase, and the other players just need to enter the match name to be able to join.

The Dark Pursuer


One of the most important things that players need to keep in mind when playing this game is to find the elements that help you escape the fastest. There are cases where you need a key to open the flower door using a flashlight when the room is too dark; these items are essential when in the abandoned house, so you have to find them by all means. However, there are situations where the flashlight will run out of battery, and you will have to charge it, so you need to check devices like this carefully.

The Dark Pursuer

This is a horror game, and it is tough to find a way out; you may even lose your life if you encounter cold-blooded monsters. Run through the corridors and find everything quickly to not fall into the sharp claws of those monsters and quickly escape from the abandoned house.

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