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Now recording video with your smartphone is too simple. More than 80% of smartphones manufactured from 2017 onwards have extremely good cameras. You can record full HD videos in a well-maintained camera. At the moment, this is made even easier thanks to the technological development of video-enabled applications. Some people shoot a video and want more Timestamp to be embedded in the corner of the screen. Timestamp Camera Pro is the application that meets that requirement.

Timestamp Camera Pro

One of the best apps at the moment

Just download this app to your device and try it out. It is said to be the best because the communication design is extremely close to the user. This means that users do not feel a sense of distance at all. Just click on the application and everything will be guided thoroughly. You just need to follow all the steps that the tutorial app will be able to get what you need.

Timestamp Camera Pro does not provide a separate camera system. It uses the built-in camera to produce works with the best quality. This means you don’t have to take an extra step, just open the camera to get everything on the screen. Thanks to this, you will be able to track everything in real-time. If it is correct, then if it is wrong, you can immediately correct it. These interactions make the application much more handy and easy to get used to. Where a problem arises, solve it right there, without having to wait for everything to finish before settling it later.

Timestamp Camera Pro

The most powerful tool on the market at the moment

Timestamp Camera Pro is the only application that allows users to add time watermark while recording a video. Time is expressed in absolute accuracy up to every millisecond (0.001 seconds). This unique feature allows it to outperform applications of the same category. Moreover, depending on the scene you can change the timestamp formats to suit your liking. More than 61 types of formats so you can express the style through a small line of the watermark. Moreover, you can also customize the font, color, and size. Everything that displays your video news has to be perfect. Because at the present time an imperfect work will not be accepted by viewers.

Timestamp Camera Pro

Automatic location and time recognition feature

Of course, it will take data straight from your watch. So you should keep your watch displayed at the right time. In general, you just need to adjust the time by adding your area and it will display correctly only. These two things are actually related to each other. Timestamp Camera Pro uses GPS to know where this video is made and add it directly to the video. This automation and personalization save you a lot of time. Once you have the application turned on, it will automatically do its job every time you use the camera. It stops only when you manually turn it off in the application.

Timestamp Camera Pro

Add anything to your video

In addition to the time and location, you can add a lot of attachments to your videos. The most visible thing is the words. For example, if you have a tour in New York, the application will automatically update this location. However you go, no one knows. You can add an example such as “Wall Street tour”. Moreover, you can add emojis to express emotions.

Timestamp Camera Pro

On your phone screen, you can also display a map to track your exact position. Sometimes you are engrossed in using the camera so you will get lost without knowing it. Moreover, if your smartphone is a bit low power then you can use “Battery saver mode” by double-clicking on the screen. The brightness of the screen is automatically reduced to suit the environment. You can even capture images while recording a video. This is a completely new feature to help users not lose any moment at all. Once you’ve done everything, you can immediately extract everything of the highest quality. Also, if you do not want these videos to fill up your internal memory, you can direct it to the SD card. Everything is optimized for the user.

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