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After playing Sniper Strike my mind was not set on playing any other FPS game as it was that satisfying. However, with the recent release by Ubisoft Entertainment, once again, my mind is on a roll. It’s almost hard to believe that we are again encountering another marvelous FPS game by the name Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak. This FPS game is an extremely well constructed and has features that are enticing enough to bloom the inner sniper in yours. Nevertheless, the question here arises if it’s as good as the Sniper Strike? So, let’s dig into the game’s gameplay and see if it’s as satisfying as the former release by Mobile Gaming Studio.

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As astonishing as it may sound, this game seems to be as remarkable as Sniper Strike.The gameplay and the features involved are superbly established along with the rich and advanced graphics that bring so much joy whilst you are indulged killing the enemy. Definitely, the graphics are the replica of the formerly released game; the overall modus operandi of both the games resemble but there are still view diverse features that this game withholds. The battlefield has a little different mechanism along with weapon selection, characters and arena style. So, it could be concluded that Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak, surely, undertakes a diverse gameplay which is, equally, as enticing and satisfying to the players as Sniper Strike. So, Kudos to that!

The General Mechanics of the Gameplay

The game is all about fighting your enemy, saving your base whilst destroying your opponents base. However, the game involves the FPS shooting mechanism, which the most favorite of all shooting games enthusiasts. All you need to do is compose a team of powerful and influential military specialists named ShadowBreak and guide them on the battlefield and over-watch them and protect the base while keeping in focus that you need to kill the base commander yourself. That’s all!

The Character Selection and Training

At the start of the game, you are required to complete the training session that is comprised upon three parts. In each part there are new and different tasks that you must learn to move to the Arena. Once you are done with the training the game offers you to select and choose your character. It’s up to you to select the male or female commander for your team and also their nationality along with cloths, skin tone and face. Remember to give yourself a cool and creative and get ready to divulge into the game completely.

The ShaowBreak Squad

As mentioned earlier, you are to lead the ShadowBreak squad on to the battleground. You must select a team of four players from the available 26 operators that bears cards, composed upon; Dust, Deadlift and Gardener etc. Use each of the cards to deploy your team on the field and keep on upgrading them to make them more powerful and intimidating to the enemy.Not to forget, each of your team members is specialized in warfare and counter-insurgency which, already, makes them a lot more trained and powerful.

The PvP Arena Battles

The most entertaining part about the game is the infused real-time PvP battles in it. That means, every time you go on a mission to destroy the enemy base, you are not just fighting with the computer generated enemy rather you play with other players around the world making your game a lot more exciting and interesting to begin with. Not to mention, the game is crammed with many international arenas. You must master all of them; keep on moving and leveling up to finally move to an endless tournament where the war never ends.

Clans and Leaderboard

As exciting as it can get, you can also make clans with other players from around the world and become stronger whilst playing in PvP with them. Moreover, you can always compare and analyze your scores on the leaderboard and can lead the board to make your mark.

Strategy – Your Ultimate Partner

Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak is, overall, based on the tactics and strategies that you make during each play. You need to devise a plan that will be more effective having a disastrous impact on the enemy base. To aid you in this, there is a map available in the game. The map on top left corner of the screen helps in deciding your position; you can choose to stand on any side according to your plan and can shift to any position in-between the play. So, never lose hope and keep on changing your position to confuse the enemy.

The Zoom-in Shot

Just as Sniper Strike, this game also offers a zoom-in shot; you can zoom on the enemy and kill it with more accuracy and intensity. However, when you zoom in your weapon shield shines and you become visible to the foe commander exposing yourself and becoming more vulnerable. So, be wise and zoom-in to kill the commander first and then zoom to kill the enemy members on the ground.

Weapons, Gears and Missions Rewards

There are plenty of weapons and gears imbued in Tom Clancy’s ShadowBreak for you to explore and equip your team with. As you move along in the game more and more weapons are unlocked for you which you must use to have a more fierce battle. Not to forget, you can also buy new weapons along with handy gears that can help you in solidifying your position in the game and would lead to victory with more power and quickly. Moreover, there are various missions that you need to accomplish. Complete them all to claim rewards and also win reward crates that withhold many nifty items for you to utilize.

Richness of Graphics

As satisfying as it can get, the game visuals are just indescribable. They are rich and withhold a great aesthetical pleasure for the players. The smoothness and details on the character is just mesmerizing and awe-aspiring. You will simple love the graphical impact of the game.

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