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The description of Tongits Wars App

The most exciting rummy game ever! Manipulate your luck by doing strategic and decisive actions and bluffing like in Poker or Pusoy.Game is normally played using the standard 52-card deck. The goal is to release all the hand cards or to minimize the total value when a Fight is called or when the deck is emptied.On each turn, a player can:1) Pick Up or Fight:At the start of your turn, you can either Pick Up a card or call a Fight if you think you can win the round.You can Pick Up a card from the Deck or you can Grab a card from the Dump pile if that card can match your hand cards to form a Set.2) Drop a Set and/or Block a playerYou may place a Set on the table to enable you to Fight on your next turn.You may connect a card to another player's Set to Block them from Fighting.3) Dump a cardGenerally, you must discard the highest value card that will not likely make a set to end your turn.You will win if you have:1) released or connected all your cards (TONGITS)2) the lowest hand when the deck is emptied (NO CARDS LEFT)3) the lowest hand value in a FIGHTBasic Rules:- You do not need to put a Set on the table until someone else has unless you want to Fight on your next turn- You must have a Set on the table before you can call a Fight or Challenge someone calling a Fight (you are still allowed to challenge if you have a Special Set in your hand, 4-of-a-Kind or 5-card Straight Flush)- If you have a low hand value or don’t think you can make a set you can call a fight and try win the round – If you place a card on a player’s Set (including yourself), that will Block the player from calling a Fight for one round.- You need to win two rounds in a row to win the Jackpot.For Ties on Hand Values:If two or more players are tied, player with the highest rank wins.1) FIGHT – the last Challenger will always win. The Fighter is ranked #3, the next player to the right is #2 and the next one is #1.2) NO CARDS LEFT – Last player to pick up card is ranked #1, the next player to the right is #2 and the next one is #3. Play online with friends, global players, special A.I. characters or play offline to practice your skills.Level up, beat world records and gain achievements to become a Legendary Tongits Warrior!FEATURE LIST:✓ VIP Club with premium benefits✓ Customize-able Game Rules✓ Offline Mode (Practice Game)✓ Basic Game (vs A.I. Characters) with Auto-Save✓ Public Battle Game (Multi-player) with Auto-Join and Auto-Resume✓ Friends Battle Game (Multi-player vs FB Friends)✓ Buddy Invitation and FB Friend Referral System✓ Collect and send gifts, send and receive messages✓ Player Profile, Statistics, All-time Best records, Leaderboards✓ Game Bonus (Welcome Bonus, FB Connect Bonus, Daily Bonus, Legacy Bonus, Mega Bonus, Referral Bonus and Video Chips Bonus)✓ Detailed End Game Result and Payout Details✓ Mega Jackpots (Lucky Aces/Grand Tongits) and Tong Jar✓ Select/Tap/Drag Interface with Smart Action hinting, AutoSort and arrange cardsUPCOMING:AchievementsSaga ModeOffline Battle


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