Towers: Relaxing Puzzle Mod Apk v1.0016

Towers: Relaxing Puzzle – a simple puzzle from which it is impossible to break away and in it you will drop the towers on the free cells. The basics of the gameplay are very easy to understand, you need to drop the towers consisting of blocks so that there is enough space for each of them. A large number of levels in the classic mode will allow you to fully enjoy the gameplay, as well as test your strength in more complex modes, where there are restrictions on the number of moves or time. Here is a minimalistic, but at the same time cute graphics that do not distract from the gameplay, and well-chosen sounds create a doubly pleasant feeling. As you play Towers: Relaxing Puzzle, unlock unique skins to change the look of the towers. Also do daily challenges, which are small tasks where you have to complete new challenges, competing with other puzzle lovers. Finally, you not only play, but also develop logical abilities, such as spatial reasoning, logic, and optimal solution finding. Take a smart approach to solving the levels, at the same time doing a good exercise to keep your brain in good shape.

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Download Towers: Relaxing Puzzle Mod Apk v1.0016

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