Update Sony Xperia E3 D2203, D2206 to Android 4.4.4 18.4.C.2.12 Kit-Kat Official Firmware

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Sony keeps going on and on about the updates for almost all of its devices, these small updates are removing a lot of bugs and solve a lot of performance issues from the devices. Since Android 5.0 Lollipop is about to be dropped on these devices and I don’t think that any OEM will let their device, who received the official Kit-Kat update, to go down without the Official Android 5.0 Lollipop update. Sony Xperia E3 was released with the Official Android 4.4 Kit-Kat and with every release the firmware became stable and now we have another update regarding the Android 4.4.4 Kit-Kat for Sony Xperia E3 and this time the build number has been updated to 18.4.C.2.12, not a huge update but still more than enough, if it stables the device for further updates.

The update has rolled out for a lot of regions and a lot of carriers, including the international variant. Now if you are the owner of a Sony Xperia E3, then you might have received this update via OTA, but if not, then follow this article, to see how you can manually download and install this Official update on your device. We are going to use Sony Flash tool to flash this official Firmware on Sony Xperia E3, so if you are not familiar with the working of Xperia Flashtool, pay a little more attention towards the Tutorial, otherwise if you want to Flash an Official Firmware on any other device, Follow our Firmware Guide Section to find your device. In this article, we will show you How To Update Sony Xperia E3 to Android 4.4.4 18.4.C.2.12 Kit-Kat Official Firmware, without further ado, let’s continue.


As Usual, a casual warning about, we are not responsible for anything happens to your device, this process will void your warranty, and you might brick your device, despite that you’ll receive the update from Sony Officials afterwards, if you don’t follow this method

Preparations to Update Sony Xperia E3:

No.1 : Make Sure to Confirm the Device Model Twice!

  1. Go To Settings.
  2. Navigate to About.
  3. Now Look at the Model number of Device to Confirm.
  4. If it matches the one we have given, the proceed ahead.

No.2: Download the Necessary USB Drivers!

In order to establish the Contact between Two devices, you need Drivers to be installed on your PC. Download and Install Proper USB Drivers to connect your device successfully with PC

No.3: Make Sure to Use Original Data Cable!

3rd Party Data cables might work, but they won’t be able to provide the exact thing you want. Most of the times users complained that they are having issues to Copy data or Flashing Images on their device, the problem turns out to be the 3rd Party Data Cable, so if you don’t want to face any problem at all, use the Original OEM cable.

No.4: Unlock Bootloader Of Your Device!

In Order to make any custom changes, you need to first unlock the bootloader of your device, but if you own a Samsung device you don’t need to unlock it. In order to do that, you must need Fastboot files on your PC, Download them and proceed:

For Sony Devices, Visit the Link

No.5: Back-Up all the Necessary Data!

In case of any Mishap, this step is quite a lifesaver, so always back-up your data before installing a Custom ROM.

Pre- Requisites

  • Back-Up Your Important Messages: Link
  • Back-Up TA Partition: Link (For Sony Only)
  • Make a Titanium Back-Up of all your Apps: Link
  • Back-Up All Your Contacts: Link
  • Back-Up All Your Media: Copy it to your PC

No.6: Download and Decode The Firmware! (For D2206 only)

Since sometimes the Official .tft file is not available, you need to manually download and decrypt the Firmware, which is not a difficult job at all. Follow the link to know more: Link

Downloads Required:

.tft File of Firmware for D2203 onlyLink

How To Update Sony Xperia E3 to Android 4.4.4 18.4.C.2.12 Kit-Kat:

  1. Download Sony Flash Tool
  2. Download and Copy the File into the Firmwares folder created after the installation of Flashtool.
  3. Install USB Drivers using Flashtool.
  4. After placing the .ftf file in the firmware folder, open the Flash tool.
  5. You’ll see a lightning button on the top, On the pop-up; choose Flashmode, cause we want to flash a firmware here.
  6. Once it is done, select the Firmware file and from the Wipe section; choose what you want to wipe, recommended is that you must choose all of them.
  7. Now do not mess with the Exclude window, just let it be.
  8. Once you hit the Flash button, it will start showing you the logs and prepare the .ftf file to be loaded in the tool.
  9. As soon as the file is loaded, you’ll be prompted to Connect your device with PC, while holding the Flash button ( Back in old devices and Volume Down in new devices)
  10. After a successful connection, the flashing will start, sit back and relax and watch how everything is done for you


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