Update Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP511 to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop


Now after the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, now it is time for a little older partner to receive the same update with the same build number; as we have seen on all the Lollipop updated devices of Sony only. Now users can update Update Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP511 (Wi-Fi) and SGP621 (LTE) variants to Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, build number 23.1.A.0.690. This update is currently rolling for 16GB variants only; The 32GB Wi-Fi variant SGP521 will receive the update shortly, so the 32GB variant owners have to wait a little more to get this update, but don’t lose your hopes, keep your fingers crossed and in a matter of days the update will be on your device, in the meantime, just be happy that there is a Lollipop update rolling for Sony devices.

While all the owners ready to Update Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP511, have either receive the OTA; However, if not, then follow this article. To see how you can manually download and install this Official update on your device. We are going to use Sony Flash tool to Update Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP511; So if you are not familiar with the working of Xperia Flashtool, pay a little more attention towards the Tutorial. Otherwise, if you want to Flash an Official Firmware on any other device. Follow our Firmware Guide Section to find your device. In this article, we will show you How To Update Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP511 to Android 5.0.2 23.1.A.0.690 Lollipop, without further ado, let’s continue.

Necessary Preparations:

  • Back-Up Your Important Messages: Link
  • Back-Up TA Partition: Link (For Sony Only)
  • Make a Titanium Back-Up of all your Apps: Link
  • Back-Up All Your Contacts: Link
  • Download and Install the USB Drives: Link
  • Unlock Bootloader: Link
  • Download and Decode The Firmware: Link

How To Update Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP511 :

  1. Follow the steps below to see how you can update the Update Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP511
  2. Download Sony Flash Tool
  3. Download and Copy the File into the Firmwares folder created after the installation of Flashtool.
  4. Install USB Drivers using Flashtool.
  5. After placing the .ftf file in the firmware folder, open the Flash tool.
  6. You’ll see a lightning button on the top, On the pop-up, choose Flashmode, cause we want to flash a firmware here.
  7. Select the Firmware file and from the Wipe section, choose what you want to wipe, recommended is that you must choose all of them.
  8. Do not mess with the Exclude window, just let it be.
  9. Once you hit the Flash button, it will start showing you the logs and prepare the .ftf file to be loaded in the tool.
  10. Once the file is loaded, you’ll be prompted to Connect your device with PC, while holding the Flash button ( Back in old devices and Volume Down in new devices)
  11. After a successful connection, the flashing will start, sit back and relax and watch how everything is done for you.


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