Widget Smith Android – How to Get the iOS App

Understanding Widget Smith

With this application, you will be able to personalize your Android into the same style as iOS devices. Your own Home Screen will be customized and made more personal than ever before! First of all, there is a huge variety of different widgets with many different functions that work for different situations.


That being said, you can also set your widgets alongside a dynamic schedule. Furthermore, you can have these widgets appear at whatever times you feel they are most appropriate for. For example, during your mornings, you can have a specific widget operating during this time, like your daily weather. Then, once you’ve hit your lunch time, you can have a full calendar and schedule displayed for you. Being able to fully control your widget schedule allows you to not only save space on your home screen, but also have what’s important at certain times displayed likewise.

In addition, the WidgetSmith app also comes chock full of different tools that you can utilize. These tools include the timezone converter, calendar, weather, and more. Even more, these tools can be automatically launched, depending on whatever widget is tapped at the time.

A Few Extra Notes…

WidgetSmith integrates (optionally) with Apple Health. This additional application is used to display the amount of steps you take during various activities. So, this information would instantly be made available if you choose the specific widget type. Although, you would need to grant access directly through Apple Health, which could also be obtained on your Android device.


There is a premium subscription option available for the app. Depending on how you want to pay, you can choose between a monthly or annual plan. However, payment is automatically processed through your own iTunes account. So, you would need to make sure to have an iTunes account in order for this to work on your Android. Also, the subscription will automatically renew, unless canceled within the 24-hour period before the end of your current plan. But, the au-renew option can be turned off via the App store, which is not made available for Android unless you have an iPhone or iOS device.

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