World of Helicopters: Gunship War Mod Apk v1.02.39

World of Helicopters: Gunship War – piloting a combat helicopter, destroy enemy bases and their equipment with various weapons. However, do not think that it will be easy, since the enemy is well prepared for war and uses not only anti-aircraft artillery, but also large-caliber miniguns and infantry, which can greatly complicate the fighting. Start with the simplest helicopter, gradually increasing the fleet of combat aircraft, making them upgrades and improvements, adding more powerful weapons and installing new armor. Get resources, buy missiles and wipe out not only the enemy bases, but also the battleships sailing to their aid. The power of the helicopter can be really limitless, watch as buildings and other enemy infrastructure explode from your volleys. But do not forget about your own database, as the extraction of resources depends on it. Place numerous turrets on your territory and other air defense installations, and then the enemy will not be able to destroy it in your absence. Gunship War: Helicopter Strike combines elements of strategy and action-packed battle, with simple controls and high-quality 3D graphics.

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Download World of Helicopters: Gunship War Mod Apk v1.02.39

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